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One day when James and I were at her house, she asked what our plans were for the next 24hours. We didn't have any plans but to see her.
She put a prescription bottle on the table. I glanced at it. It was adderall. Looking at it reminded me of sophomore year when my boyfriend was addicted to it, and selling it at school. I shook my head. "I'm good dude, I don't do pills." I took out my phone and did a little research. They both tried to convince me, without putting too much pressure on me. I decided to go for it. I already felt lame next to her, I didn't want to seem like I was afraid to party. Freshly turned 18 and graduated; I was not going to miss my chance. I decided to trust her and swallowed the orange pill.
Two movies in and we're "talking too much" for him to handle. He laid down in the spare room and went to sleep.
We watched eight movies and talked through all of them. We got up and cleaned, made breakfast, smoked a ton.
We looked outside. It was pouring rain. It looked like it was maybe 6am. I had no idea where my phone went. "I love the rain, especially when it's pouring. I'm the kind of girl to puddle jump." I said, feeling vulnerable.
"Let's get changed and go outside!" She said, walking to her room. I followed her in and she gave me shorts and a tank top. We put on flip flops and went outside.
Arm in arm, we took a walk around several blocks, jumping through puddles and putting our flip flops in our back pockets. We came upon a small park. It had a swingset with two swings. We sat on those swings for maybe two hours, just talking and enjoying the weather.
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