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Evie sometimes told me she loved me. I was never sure if she truly meant it though. We were best friends, inseparable. But I knew her sexual/romantic history, and I wasn't sure if she was the kind of girl say "I love you," to anyone, or just certain people. I said it back every time. I tried not to say it with too much emotion. We were both bisexual. I had James and she was chasing a guy named Alex. I knew we had feelings for each other, but I would never stand in the way of her happiness, so I never really showed them. Not to mention, I wasn't even sure how. James was my first and only relationship. That was all I knew. I didn't know how to express feelings for guys, let alone another female! I felt awkward and inexperienced.
There were even a couple times where we would be sunbathing and afterward shower together to save time. But that's all it was. A shower to save time. We didn't flirt or mess around, we got clean and got out.
She hit on me often and I would hit on her too. She always seemed skeptical though, like she wasn't sure if I meant what I said. I always did.
Sometimes she pissed me off, though. She liked to party a lot and have a lot of sex. That's fine and dandy as long as you're being safe, and not telling everyone your business.
She told me, proudly, that she had had sex with Lane. I high-fived her. I had sex with Lane once, a couple months after he told me how he felt. I didn't do it to cheat. I did it because I thought it would kill the pain of being cheated on again and again. It didn't. I felt guilty and told James, hence the start of our open relationship.
After the high-five, she told me Lane stayed at her house for a week and they had a week long sex fest. This shocked me. Lane may have been the kind to get plastered and MAYBE have a one-night stand, but a week long sex fest? He didn't even shag his girlfriends that often. I wasn't convinced. Though, this had been a week that I wasn't there.
Later that day, I went to Taylor's house. I asked him about it. Taylor is one of my closest friends, but we'll get into that another time.
He started laughing, hard. I blinked. "Oh! Wait, you're serious? In her fucking dreams." He said, laughing.
"Listen, Lane and I were at her house last Sunday. We got hammered and she had been hitting on him all night. Eventually he followed her into her room. Not even ten minutes later he came out and said, 'bro, let's get the fuck out of here,' and we left. That's it. She's just trying to one up you." He explained.
I shook my head and called Lane. "Hey, come to Taylor's, I brought weed."
He was there within moments.
I inquired about the situation. He laughed at first, but then realized I was completely serious. "It was a failed one night stand. I realized what I was doing, pulled out, left, and washed my dick. She's trying to make you jealous." He said with a frustrated look on his face.
"Me? I had sex with you long before she did." I said.
"I know. She's stupid. And she better not be telling everyone that."
"It's okay if you did it more than once, she's pretty you know."
"No. You're pretty, she's ratchet."
We all laughed. I felt bad laughing, but that's what she gets for lying to me.
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