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It was Lane's 18th birthday. Lane and I had always been drawn to each other. He had been James' best friend since elementary. Back in January, he confessed his feelings for me, just weeks after revealing that James had been cheating on me the whole time. He was very cute and talented. Something about his talent, intelligence, and sense of humor made girls go crazy.
He was here at Evie's to do jello shots. They had spent all of the previous night preparing them. These weren't ordinary jello shots, they were Everclear jello shots.
It wasn't a huge party, just me, Evie, James, Lane, and our friend Taylor.
7 jello shots and 2 bowls later, and we're sitting squeezed on the porch swing. Everyone but James. He was being jealous that I was talking to Lane, and I didn't care.
Ever since James cheated on me, we decided to start an open relationship. My talking to Lane on his birthday was none of James' business.
I was in between Evie and Lane, staring up at the huge bright moon.
"It's so beautiful.." I mumbled.
"Yeah, it is. Can you believe we're in space right now?" He asked, looking over at me.
"No, we're not, tard. We're on Earth." Evie insisted. She was already very drunk.
"Dude, he's right. We're on earth, standing outside. Think about that. We're IN SPACE." Taylor replied.
My brain exploded. It didn't occur to me that being outside, despite having a thick atmosphere, we were indeed IN space.
Taylor and Evie wondered inside for more shots. Lane and I just sat on the swing and stared into the sky for several minutes.
He stood up and stretched. "I'll be right back, I gotta pee." He said.
I looked up at him. "I hate peeing when I drink, it goes right through me."
"I know, it sucks." He replied.
"I know, just take your drink into the bathroom." I suggested.
"No, dude. It's about the journey, not standing in the bathroom taking shots."
I started laughing. He had a point.
Lane and Taylor walked home at about 5am. They lived six blocks away. Evie and I fell asleep on the couches, and James was in the back room.
I had four jello shots in the shower that morning.
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