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Evie and I both graduated in December of 2010; a semester early. We started hanging out that May, shortly after I started smoking bud. Her mom sold it, and the house was always hazy.
It was May.. things with my boyfriend weren't going very well. We had been together two years, and I had recently found out he was cheating on me from the start.
I connected well with her because she gave me the positive attention and care that he didn't.
We would walk 5 miles to her house almost every day. We'd smoke weed and watch movies all night. Her and I clicked instantly. Aside from her beauty, there was a lot I liked about her. For one thing, she was a writer. Her grammar wasn't perfect, but you could feel the emotions settled into the ink pressed on the pages. She had such strong emotions and had really seen some darkness in those light blue eyes.
She had a dark taste in music. She loved all of the darkest, heaviest metal she could find. Tattooed and a wardrobe full of corsets, she was like a rock star to me. On top of her writing, she loved to play bass. Not to mention she was a 4th degree black belt.
Her deep love for scary movies only set me back a little. I'm a pussy, so scary movies aren't really my favorite. She always smoked with me and got me to watch them with her.
In her free time she liked getting drunk and smoking. Quite a partier, that one.
One final touch of perfection; she was an amazing cook.
I found a new best friend.
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